High-quality recording services, mastering, and producing are our greatest passions.

With our Sound Engineering services, we’ll help you merge your music arrangements into a single unique sound, making sure that we are delivering high-quality recording.

The talented engineer staff at Life of Strife Productions can record you or your band in our studios in Deptford or anywhere you are.

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A Unique Sound

Not sure how to make the album you envisioned come to life? Our experienced team will help you to shape your sound into something uniquely you. We’ll work together from start to finish to produce music you’ll be proud of. 

In Life of Strife Productions, we will be providing Analogue and Digital recording engineering, mixing, production and mastering.

Do you need your music mixed with a unique and fresh sound? or your tracks to commercial standards? Contact us to see how our Music Production team can help your next album sound amazing.

A Creative endeavor

Using analog gear and digital tools, we can define the concept of your music.  Mastering will polish, clean up and finalize your song, making it sound bigger, crispy and warm. We provide Stereo and stem Mastering.


Life of Strife Productions

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