The Team


Mao Holiday

Sound engineer & Producer

Mao Holiday is a sound and music producer and engineer who graduated from Islington College (IMW Campus).  He also has a BA Hons in Music Mixing and Mastering from the University of West London. Some of the bands and solo artists he has been working with are Juliette Ashby, Shao Hao, The Babes, B.A.M, Night & Day quartet, etc.  He also plays bagpipes and vocals with his band The  Babes

David Clark Allen

Sound Engineer

Producer, composer and music arranger artist for most of his life: David conjured magical melodies for Mae West, Tony Visconti, Michelle Phillips, Georgio Moroder and Agnetha Faltskog and tickled the musical fancies of Bowie and Bolan.  David  brings technically knowledgeable and musically empathetic analogue/digital mastering experience to Life of Strife.  

Sean Bartle

Producer,  Post production and composer

Sean is a music producer, composer, and designer for film and games.  He also has experience playing both hardware and software based with synthesizers and works on various DAW's such as Logic Pro X, Pro Tools HD, and Ableton Live 9.  Like many other of his fellow workers, Sean has a BA Hons in audio post-production.  Sean is an accomplished musician, he plays the guitar, drums, and piano. 

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